2009 Tutorial Contest

This contest ended on January 01, 2010.

First place went to Kayin with Cyber Ninjitsu - The Art of Invisibility Online and second place went to COSCstudent with Malware Removal Guide.

The votes can be viewed here.

SOLDIERX proudly presents the official 2009 Tutorial Contest. Unlike last year, we are going to end this contest on new years rather than December 1st. This gives everybody an extra month to work on their tutorials. Rather than having a single winner this year, we will actually have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places with much better prices! The prizes are as follows:

1st Place - Free ticket to Defcon 18 or Hacked SB5100 Modem with double memory (development modem from Defcon 16 speech)*, Party with SX crew (at DC18)**, and a SOLDIERX T-Shirt.

2nd Place - Party with SX crew (at DC18)** and a SOLDIERX T-Shirt

3rd Place - SOLDIERX T-Shirt

Tutorials can be anything computer related but preferably should have something to do with hacking, cracking, security, privacy, etc.
Please send all submissions in .txt format to [email protected] with the subject "Tutorial Contest submission". Any questions should be posted to the forums or sent to RaT. Contest ends on 01-01-2010.

*A ticket to Defcon 18 or Hacked SB5100 Modem is at the choice of the winner. The modem is being offered for people who have no desire to go to Defcon or who would really just like the modem instead.

**Party with SX crew involves partying at DC18 with your drinks provided by SX. If you want to party with the SX crew at DC18 winning this contest is not required, just don't expect for us to pay for your drinks ^_^

Current Submissions:

Author: Tutorial: Date:
COSCstudent Malware Removal Guide 12-27-2009
acid Chatspace modding tutorial 12-03-2009
Amp Using Custom Firmware functions on PSPs that can't use Pandora Batteries 11-10-2009
cisc0ninja Converting Batch Files to Executable 11-07-2009
Amp Running homebrew on PSPs that can't use Pandora Batteries 10-20-2009
EverestX Tor on Windows and forcing apps 10-20-2009
EverestX AtX to Bench PSU Breakout 10-05-2009
supergate IRC_SockClient 09-12-2009
EverestX Intro to Newsgroups/Usenet 08-30-2009
cisc0ninja Weak Webserver Whacking 07-13-2009
Zywex Password Recovery on Windows XP 07-10-2009
EverestX Sniffing RDP Auth with Cain and Able 07-01-2009
EverestX Remotely Exploiting MS08-067 to achieve Administrative rights on 2k and 2k3 07-01-2009
Kayin Cyber Ninjitsu - The Art of Invisibility Online 06-08-2009
cisc0ninja Blackberry Tethering - Linux 03-23-2009
Amp USB Controller/Adapter polling rate tweaking 01-29-2009
cisc0ninja How to NOT fuck up a cisco router 01-29-2009
cisc0ninja Defeating Checkpoint's Reflexes 01-15-2009