Blake Releases Private SX Tool From Almost a Decade Ago

I'm happy to report that Blake has agreed to start releasing some of the tools from his private stash. As many know, he's been coding attack tools for decades, but mostly keeps them private. The first one being released today is ghba (get host by address). ghba is a PTR record (reverse DNS) scanner. It is a Golang rewrite of ghba.c that runs much faster than the original ghba.c. It can scan an entire private class C network in under a minute. It's released under the BSD-2 License and can be found at either SX Labs or HardenedBSD's git server.

I hope you all enjoy it, it's been awhile!

HardenedBSD is a new code hosting provider

I'm happy to announce that SOLDIERX has a new code hosting partner - HardenedBSD. The first project being hosted is libhijack at

We hope to see some new projects on there soon Wink

BadGer, Amp, cisc0ninja and PlayaJoe return to infosec/hacking

We're happy to announce that as part of the work for 2023 SX, the following members have agreed to return to the community:

We look forward to the awesome contributions that they will make. Welcome back to the community! BadGer's first text is apparently going to be "The Truth About Being A Family Man" with a foreword by Amp. cisc0ninja and PlayaJoe have agreed to collaborate on, "How to not get played by hacker THOTs in 2023".

2022 SX April Fools' Cancelled

As we've been deciding what format the site will take in the future (as well as the crew not feeling it), we've decided not to do a prank this year. Things have been busy for most of us, but we do plan to continue in some form/fashion in the future. We hope that everybody is having a good 2022 and we hope to have more information in the near future.

EverestX Releases Pocket POCSAG Transmitter (as seen at Telephreak)

Years ago, EverestX showed off a fancy device that fits in your pocket and enables you to transmit to pagers (via POCSAG). All of us here at SX agreed that it would be an awesome project to publish on someday. We're happy to say that the day has finally come. Please do yourself a favor and check out all of the juicy details here.

Contrary to some of the rumors, we're not dead yet.

Mojave Phone Booth Altcoin ICO

We are happy to announce and promote the ICO for the official Mojave Phone Booth shitcoin altcoin. Many have made suggestions over the years (such as CSF's literal shitcoin [coin generated by power from excrement]), but none seemed right - until now. We've heard rumors of Captain Planet turning shitcoin altcoin mining operations into trees, so hopefully he spares the Mojave Phone Booth mining operation.

To learn more and get involved, please join Mojave Phone Booth by sending "subscribe [nickname_here]" to +1760-733-9969 over Signal/Telegram or join 7607339969 on Keybase.

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