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While SOLDIERX tries to not have many rules, these are some things to keep in mind:

1. You do not talk about SOLDIERX.

2. You DO NOT talk about SOLDIERX.

3. Make posts in the appropriate area. For example, a funny video belongs in "Humor" and not in "Hacking".

4. Don't take anything on these forums too seriously. Everything on this site technically is a work of fiction Wink.

5. Everything in the forums (as well as the site) is covered under our Usage Policy. What this means is that you browse these forums at your own risk.

6. Don't post personal information like SSN or CC numbers. We'll do our best to keep your identity safe from the feds, but we can only do so much against a raid by law enforcement.

7. Be specific with your questions. Asking something like "How do I hack?" will most likely just piss other members off. Something such as "How can I recover a stored password from Firefox 3.5?" will actually get you a response.

8. Be respectful. We understand that flame wars and such happen on forums, but that kind of behavior is frowned upon here.

9. Post legibly and do not post in all caps. Nobody wants to read "PLZ HELP ME I HAVE COMPUTER PROBLEM K THX"

10. When linking to other sites, post the entire URL to the site you are linking to. Shortened URLs such as "" which points to "" are frowned upon here.

11. Posting a new topic is generally preferable to resurrecting really old topics (6+ months old). This of course is not true in the case that you are answering a question that nobody had answered yet. There's also no sense in posting the exact same topic that's already been posted. If it wasn't answered before, it's probably not going to be answered now. In other words, bumping topics is not allowed. If you are wanting to post something that has been posted before, don't do it. If you find a solution for an old problem, feel free to post it (somebody is probably still waiting on the answer).

12. Your first post should not be a link to another site. There are many bots that go around on the net and post links to sites in order to increase hits and search engine location. If your first post is a link to another site, the post will be deleted. You should be a member of our community prior to recommending us to go to various places on the net.

13. Do not post to the public forums requesting/offering/discussing Geek Squad MRI, Geek Squad Customizer, or any other Best Buy tool. We no longer publicly crack these, so there is no need for public discussion about them. If you are interested in discussing MRI (or any other Best Buy tool), please become a VIP member. You are welcome to post about them in the VIP forums, but not the public forums.

14. Do not respond to your own posts unless if you recently discovered the solution or have new information to add to a previously posted question. Replying to your own posts in an obnoxious way is often known as "bumping". This rule goes a long with Rule #11. It is favorable to just edit the original post if something needs to be changed.

15. Have fun! (That's what it's all about right?)

Please note that a violation of these rules will result in a 5 to 10 point deduction and a warning. If you get to -10 points, you get banned from the site. For more information on getting banned, please read