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I have previously mentioned in the members area of my attempt to code some examples of the most basic topics in C++. I chose to do this so that I could reinforce my knowledge of the language, and so that I can take a break from C coding.

First as a background of myself for the people who have yet to meet me, I am supergate. I originally started to learn back around a few years ago when I was around 12-ish. I gave up, and had spent a few more years of my life blowing off something that I liked doing. I came back at the age of 15 and thought to myself "Wow I really need to actually attempt to learn something I like". I had learned the basics of C++ and then just quit all over again. I had eventually came back to the scene to then finish my studies of the basics of C++ and html as well as some php. In my 16th year (current date) I came back once more, trying to learn everything that I could about other languages such as C and javascript. I am a successful coder in the C and C++ language when it comes to the intermediate parts and some advanced things. I am a decent web designer as well.

When I first started I had grown up in blackcode which at the time had been ran by someone named X and someone who eventually became the man I look up to the most named iadnah. After X decided to use the domain for money purposes only, iadnah had opened up an old project of his from high school. This project was called uplinklounge. It was originally created so that him and his fellow classmates in their computer classes could keep in touch and share ideas. It is now used for the same purpose as well as a way to help others with computer questions. I have learned some Web security and *nix security from iadnah as well as learned a few things about the C language. In what takes many people years to learn, with my intuitive adept for learning and for iadnah's generosity, I have accomplished that in only months.

I still belive that people should be more generous about teaching others who are interested in learning, not just horde the knowledge all to yourself.

I am privileged to be able to work with cisco ninja on the project that we are currently on now, and wouldn't pass it up for the world. For the people who have gotten a chance to talk to me such as cisco, RaT, everestx, and Kayin, they would probably put in a good word about me, and I would do the same for them.

I am loyal to thoughs who are willing to teach and not think about age or ability to learn and who see me as a friend more then just some other person who comes to the site.

I want to prove my loyalty by posting some examples to help the beginner programmers in C++. I will add other languages that I know at a later time. To be honest I don't wish to win. Even if I do there will be nothing in it for me, other then the thought that I got to help someone learn something.

There is are always a way around a problem, the true problem however is that you have to find it