gs enviornment variables

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hey can any 1 extract the thing out of the GS "emergency scanners" batch or where ever it is that sets environment variables for each of the drives.. it like detects all the drives and sets environment variables like i need it to detect what drive has the OS installed then i need it to set a EV for (drive):\Windows as like %HOME_ROOT% or something .. and one set for the drive as like %HOME%. iv tried to get it to work with 2 programs but i cant get them to quite work right... one is Set Target Root by Paraglider over at the cd forum and another called detect drive. but i cant get them to both work correctly together but the detect drive sets multiple EV's for the diff drives such as %FIXED1% %FIXED2% %FIXED3%.. but its like never the same for cretin drives sometimes C:\ is %Fixed1% sometimes its %fixed2%