Visiting Gravitas Recordings :}

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I always love the sound of electronic music, and I don't mean the house stuff that modern day hippies listen to, but more like sensible electronic music (if you love it, hey by all means, everyone has their preferences Wink ). After having heard the DEF CON series, I decided to look into a little more in depth as to where one of my favorite songs stemmed out of, and as such it bought from Gravitas Recordings! I do recommend listening to some of their albums, as I do think some of their published ones make good programming music; and to avoid having to post another post on more stuff I found on YouTube, I do like to listen to some emotional orchestral music from time to time, enjoy!

Gravitas Recordings Albums:

"Unravel" (Full) Tokyo Ghoul OP【Orchestral Cover】:

Zack Hemsey- I'll find a way (Instrumental):


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