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Hey, cool to see some stuff from the 90's kicking around, xchat=epic <3 win 9x. i am super noob and this is my first button mashing post here on solderx and i though I could contribute some cool stuff I have been working on.

You need a chat, Luckly for you I am the irc master troll:



I just finished testing this script and I intend to use it to automate white/blacklisted ports for firewalls, the useful thing is you don't have to count to 65535 yourself now!


Windows Batch Script:


set /a x=0
if exist c:\temp\portarray.txt del c:\temp\portarray.txt
if not exist c:\temp md c:\temp

set /a x=%x%+1
echo %x% >> c:/temp/portarray.txt && echo %x%
if /i %x% == 65535 goto :end
goto :start

echo port list array is now completed and is located at c:/temp/portarray.txt


I just started learning to program html about a year ago, this is the site i came up with (post a lot of very crazy shit where i live), i'm putting it here because i need help developing it into a product. I recommend checking out my library, judging by the list of eBooks on here you will love it!

the url is:

please be the first to comment! also, I am currently developing an epic Sega Genesis arcade and pay phone program, wish me luck!
also, if you happen to know how to make a donation button i seriously need one! as i live on a street, also there is some very epic education and employment opportunities in the "programmy" tab.

p.s don't shit on the internet chicks. if you're a faggot, be a faggot in your closet and not on my forums.


Last really cool thing i would like to share is

which is an amazing site for ebooks which are all 100% donated!

Thanks, ill try to read around this site !

Oh, right, i need a unique string form sub7 source code i can findstr with to resolve a very serious problem i have in life.

Thanks Peace ladies!

WTS Canada 100t obo