MRI BDE 5.0.3 custom executable

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This is the MRI executable with changed ping mechanism.
MRI is no longer calling home but now to an invalid domain.

I find it not necessary to delete the expire function.
It is simply too much work for what it brings, as I believe.

Because Geek Squad releases renewed editions within the year,
and also the contents of the MRI can expire *.

Nevertheless I would like to share this file with you.
For a version that will not expire, wait for the crack from Wallace and/or the team of Soldierx.

Finally, interpret the file as you personal want.
Temporary solution, custom executable, fix, patch, modified file etc etc.
It does not matter to me.

* 1. Eg. end support of lifetime on the applied virus scanners, for example the panda command line scanner
or in the past the Ewido scanner.