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Alan Cox

British computer programmer. Was born on July 22, 1968 in Solihull, England. His first computer was The ZX spectrum 128. He wrote a game called Blizzard Pass. He is heavily involved in designing the Linux kernel. Alan was employed for many years by Red Hat and lives in Swansea, Wales with his wife, Telsa Gwynne. Since then he has also been involved in the GNOME and X.Org projects.


In October 5, 2005, Cox received a lifetime achievement award at the LinuxWorld awards in London.

Refuses to visit the United States for fear of being imprisoned after the arrest of Dmitry Sklyarov for DMCA violations.

Has stated that he filed a patent for Digital Rights Management.

Was regarded in the Linux community as the "second in command" until reducing his involvement to work on his MBA.


Eats cats

Believed that his DRM patent filing is an attempt to stop future use of DRM technologies.