AKILL, Snow Whyte, Snow Walker

IRL Name: 
Owen Thor Walker

Owen Thor Walker, a 18 years old ringleader of an international cybercrime group, known as AKILL, part of the A-Team, a group of 8 script kiddies which were all caught in a operation called “Operation Bot Roast II” bust executed by the FBI and several international law enforcement agencies in 2007, responsible for pump’n'dump stock price manipulations through spam, infecting 1.3M computers with malware, further infecting them with spyware earning nearly $40,000 in the process, in between launching a DDoS attack against the University of Pennsylvania, causing an overall damage of over $20M.


The software he sold to the "A-Team" gave them the ability to steal user names, passwords, and credit card details.

New Zeland police offered Akill a job for his unique ability, the head of e-crimes lab said he was the top of his field.

The crime was first noticed when computers were crashed at University of Pennsylvania in 2006.

Estimated economic losses from skimming and damaged computer systems more $20 million.

Akill has Asperger's syndrome, a mild form of autism.

He had to pay £5,500 for the damages, but didnt record his conviction

Controller of a botnet that had millions of computers around the world infected with a virus that gave him control over all of them.


Described to be a 'bot-herder'

Said how international investigators described his programming to be the most advanced they ever encountered.