Aaron McGruder

IRL Name: 
Aaron McGruder

Aaron McGruder is best known for writing and drawing 'The Boondocks', a comic strip starring a African American family of two boys and their grand-father who moved from inner-city Chicago to a higher class suburb, and working on its namesake animated series for Adult Swim. While not involved in anything overtly technical, McGruder has spoken on various hacker issues including DeCSS in the comic strip.


Was the keynote speaker at H2K2

Attempted a kickstarter for a movie based on the Uncle Ruckus character from 'The Boondocks,' an older, portly, African-American who strongly favors white culture.


Two episodes of The Boondocks he co-wrote were never aired on Adult Swim due to them being overtly critical of BET.

Amp considers the post 9/11 Boondocks strip showing Huey trying to report Ronald Reagan for helping train and finance Osama Bin Laden to be one of the greatest Comic Strips ever made.