Agrajag The Prolonged

IRL Name: 
Keith M. Gabryelski

Part of Legion of Doom. Born on 6/14/67 and his height is 6.2 He started phreaking and hacking in about 1979. He originally started hacking (programming) on aVector 8080 in 4th grade. Phreaking began with, of course, codes but he was very
interested in how the phone system worked. He had read some books on the phone company and their evils in their earlier days and he was very interestedin the very idea of becoming an operator. Members of the hacker world which he has met include Tuc, BIOC Agent 003 (aka Agent Steal), Broadway Hacker (negative), and CheshireCatalyst, all at a Tap meeting he attended. On regular BBSes, there were
listings for other BBSes which turned out to eventually be phreak BBSes. Some of the memorable phreak boards he was on included WOPR, OSUNY, Plovernet, andPirate 80. His phreaking and hacking knowledge came about with the group of people including Tuc, BIOC, and Karl Marx.


Agrajag was popular on many boards and hung out with many of the Legion of Doom members.

Name is based off of the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy series of novels.


Knew Lex Luthor.