Aleph One

IRL Name: 
Elias Levy

Elias Levy, aka Aleph One, was the moderator of the mailing list Bugtraq from May, 1996 until he stepped down in October, 2001. Through BugTraq, Levy has helped educate countless system administrators, network engineers and developers across the planet, and helped changed the way an entire industry does business in regards to bugs and vendor response.

In addition to his work with Bugtraq, he was also the CTO and co-founder of SecurityFocus, and author of "Smashing The Stack For Fun and Profit"which was published in Phrack Magazine issue #49. "Smashing The Stack" was the first high-quality, step-by-step introduction to stack buffer overflow vulnerabilities and exploitation, sparking numerous attacks and defenses against them.


When a U.S. World Intellectual Property Organization bill was proposed that would bring about the end of BugTraq, Levy was the first to proclaim that BugTraq would live on no matter what - outside U.S. borders if necessary.

SecurityFocus was acquired by Symantec in August, 2002