Clever Without Equal

IRL Name: 
Xiao Tian

Leader of the Chinese Hacker Group named China Girl Security Team whose members are reached more than 2,200 female hackers. Born in Hunan, 6 September 1989. Xiao Tian explained, she started the group because she felt that there should be a place for girls like her, who felt excluded from the crowded world of hackers who think that women do not have enough skills to be useful.

Slowly but surely, along with the group Xiao Tian hackernya break male dominance in the world of hacking. They target the celebrity status that carried by the hackers in China as well as opening opportunities 'career' that arouse available to hackers who have a high reputation.


Founder of 'CN Girl Security Team'


Xiao Tian's hacker community is included in one of the communities who had attacked the network's search engine Google in the Bamboo Curtain country