Cosmo, CosmotheGod


Cosmo a.k.a CosmotheGod is a social-engineering mastermind who weaseled his way past security systems at Amazon, Apple, AT&T, PayPal, AOL, Netflix, Network Solutions, and Microsoft (year 2012) at the age of 15. With his group, UGNazi (short for “underground nazi” and pronounced “you-gee” not “uhg”), Cosmo took part in some of the most notorious hacks of the year (2012). Throughout the winter and spring, they DDoS’ed all manner of government and financial sites, including NASDAQ,, and, which they took down for a matter of hours in April. They bypassed Google two step, hijacked 4chan’s DNS and redirected it to their own Twitter feed, and repeatedly posted Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s address and Social Security number online. After breaking into one billing agency using social-engineering techniques this past May, they proceeded to dump some 500,000 credit card numbers online. Cosmo was the social engineer of the crew, a specialist in talking his way past security barriers. His arsenal of tricks held clever-yet-idiot-proof ways of getting into accounts on Amazon, Apple, AOL, PayPal, Best Buy,, (think: Hotmail, Outlook, Xbox) and more. He was able to hijack phone numbers from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and your local telco.


Cosmo was arrested along with dozens of others in a multi-state FBI sting targeting credit card fraud(International Cyber Crime Takedown 2012).