Crimson Death, The Sorcerer

IRL Name: 

Crimson Death started out in the BBS world in 1984 with a public board, Spirit World, which was run on an Apple //e, 2 floppies, GBBS, and 300 baud. He had originally gotten his Apple computer in January of 1984. Then, on one memorable day, The Videosmith logged onto his board and they became friends. In February of 1985, he started phreaking. When his 10 meg Sider
came, he started Hell Phrozen Over as a private bulletin board system. Death called a few memorable boards, including the Army BBS, Shadowland, The Missing Link, The Labyrinth, as well as his own. His phreak teacher was The Videosmith.

Robb goes to a public school and has skipped a grade, so he is currently one grade ahead of his time. His phreaking is unknown at school except to a few. He considers himself pretty well versed in programming, and from the way his board runs, I would agree. CD's girlfriend is The Silver Fox, (note the word "Fox") that he met on Datanet, and popular opinion says she is REALLY decent looking.

Crimson Death does no hacking right now, but in the future when he gets a bit of free time, he plans on learning about it. Mentioned earlier was his involvement in Phreak Klass 2600. Red Devil has taken it down, and they are looking for a replacement board, Phreak Klass II. Death has met various phreaks, old and new, and those of who really stuck out in his mind were: The Videosmith, Mark Tabas, TUC, Telenet Bob, The Sprinter, and Dr. Who. He listed others too, but he felt that these were the "mentionables". Just thought I'd let a few out there know. Hell Phrozen Over is co-sysoped by Silicon Swindler, and the Phreak Adviser is The Videosmith, a 300/1200 baud, 10 meg system. He was, in the past, in PhD, which stands for Phreak/Hack Destroyers. This eventually evolved into Camorra. PhD was run by The Executioner (301), members included Red Devil, Silver Sabre, and Scorpion among others.


Derived his handle from an AD&D Monster Manual II