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CyberZeist is a blackhat from India operating under aliases such as Le4ky and @cyberzeist2. In 2016, CyberZeist infiltrated the FBI's website, leveraging a zero-day vulnerability within the Plone Content Management System (CMS). His team accessed sensitive information and leaked FBI account data on platforms like Pastebin, showcasing usernames, SHA1 encrypted passwords, emails, and more. CyberZeist's actions prompted concerns about CMS vulnerabilities affecting not only the FBI but potentially other agencies like the EU Agency for Network & Information Security and Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center.

His team was involved in targeting various entities, including the Hungarian Human Rights Foundation and the Windham County Sheriff’s Office. In the case of the Hungarian Human Rights Foundation, CyberZeist, alongside another hacker named Kapustkiy, utilized SQL injection to access databases containing personal information, including phone numbers and addresses. Similarly, the breach in the Windham County Sheriff’s Office showcased the exposure of sensitive user data, highlighting weak security practices and password vulnerabilities among personnel, posing potential risks to both private and public entities.


CyberZeist claims to have breached the Alaskan Elections Results website ( and dumps a screenshot, the server IPs and the username/password combination.

He was featured and interviewd in an American television documentary film "Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America's Elections".