Dan Egerstad

IRL Name: 
Dan Egerstad

Swedish computer security consulant who gained access to over 1,000 E-Mail accounts belonging to corporations, human rights organizations, and foreign embassies by intercepting information through 5 exit nodes on the Tor network. After attempting to contact some of the people who's information he gathered, he decided to post passwords to 100 of the E-Mail accounts in an attempt to get people's attention on Tor's security shortcomings in September 2007. On November 13th 2007 Swedish officials raided his house and took him in for questioning in relation to the act. As of February 2009, no charges have been filed against him.


Helped prove that like most things made by the Navy in modern times, the Tor Project DOESN'T WORK!

Believes that the accounts he found were not actually high-level like he thought, but were of other hackers trying to cover their tracks.


Once mistakened members of the US Navy for Ice Cream vendors.