Daniel Micay

IRL Name: 
Daniel Micay

Daniel Micay is a security researcher working on mobile privacy/security and is the founder of GrapheneOS. He originally worked on CopperheadOS, until a schism over software licensing between the co-founders of Copperhead Limited led to Micay's dismissal from the company in 2018.

In May 2023, Micay announced he would step down as lead developer of GrapheneOS and as GrapheneOS Foundation director. Micay wrote "I'm unable to handle the escalating level of harassment including recent swatting attacks. There will be a smooth migration." As of January 2024, Micay was contributing to GrapheneOS GitHub repositories, and the GrapheneOS Foundation's registration listed Micay as one of its directors.


Former main dev of GrapheneOS


He often behaved in unacceptable ways, is an extremely socially abrasive and often acted in ways that were not stable nor constructive, and saw anyone that wasn't 100% deferential to him as an enemy out to get him and get grapheneOS.