Dave Aitel

IRL Name: 
David Antonio Zapata Aitel

Dave Aitel is a computer security professional. He joined the NSA as a research scientist aged 18 where he worked for six years before being employed as a consultant at @stake for three years. In 2002 he founded a software security company, Immunity, where he is now the CTO up until December 31st 2020.

Aitel co-authored several books:

* The Hacker's Handbook: The Strategy Behind Breaking into and Defending Networks. ISBN 978-0849308888
* The Shellcoder's Handbook. ISBN 978-0764544682
* Beginning Python. ISBN 978-0764596544

He is also well known for writing several security tools:
* CANVAS, an automated exploitation system
* SPIKE, a block-based fuzzer
* SPIKE Proxy, a man-in-the-middle web application assessment tool
* Unmask, a tool to do statistical analysis on text to determine authorship


Actually knows his shit (unlike many people in the security industry who have never coded an exploit)

Contracted by various government groups after his stint at the NSA.


Sells exploits to the Chinese.