Dave Starr


According to his phrack profile, he started out on The Source, and stuck with them for 6 to 8 months hacking around the system because the system was so slow security-wise, and of course, from there, he got involved with hacking Primes. One of the security agents named Paul from Dialcom got in contact with Dave and discussed Dave's hacking on The Source (his system). After talking, they found they had common interests, which included hacking and phreaking. Paul gave Dave his first code to a local dial-up for Sprint. He also led him in the direction of 8BBS, which brought him to meet the best of the nation's phreakers and hackers at the time, which included Susan Thunder, Roscoe DuPran, and Kevin Mitnick. Susan and Roscoe were strong friends of Dave that he personally met as well as Kevin, but he never met Kevin. He met Susan in the L.A. County Courthouse testifying against her, with Susan and Roscoe using these handles as real names on the charges of harassment. The phreak/hack BBS's that were most memorable for Dave were 8BBS and his own, Starcom Network, which had hidden commands for accessing the phreak section. Starcom Network was a nationally networked system that Dave created and operated. This was a virtual copy of The Source, for which he went to court over. They claimed it was their system, but he supressed them with a threat of publicity. Modem Over Manhattan was another memorable board on a TRS-80.


It is said that he does intelligence and counter-intelligence work for anyone who has money and who is not against the United States or the views of the United States.

He usually works alone and handpicks his partner in crime.

He attributes his phreak knowledge to Paul from Dialcom and to The Source for his hacking ability as well as Susan Thunder for information on RSTS.