IRL Name: 
Nathan Hanshaw

Dshocker is a Massachusetts-based ddoser and packet kiddie who broke into multiple corporate computer systems and manipulated thousands of botnets. He then used that network of computers to launch cyberattacks on other computer servers and telephone systems, among other improprieties. His efforts even prompted SWAT teams and other public safety officials to respond to phony bomb threats. He got raided in 2008 and agreed to an 11-month prison sentence to be served in a juvenile detention facility.


Doxed by Blackbird

One of Nathans favourites is posing as the infamous Daniel Elkins & John Harris from Great Denver NOC @ Comcast.

Died 08/21/2022


It is not true that he has a lot of access to computers that he uses for DDoS attacks.

Uses public router logins to to obtain NOC personal information.