Hmei7 is an Indonesian blackhat and defacer who orchestrated a series of attacks on June 4, 2014, on entities associated with ESET, a cybersecurity firm, in Spain and Slovakia. Targeting Certification ESET Spain, ESET, ESET Security, and ESET's Spain domain.

He extended beyond ESET, with Hmei7 setting sights on AVG. The breach, transpiring on January 15, 2014, involved a coordinated effort from hackers based in Indonesia and Pakistan. He infiltrated 11 domains linked to AVG's downloads, renewal, free trial, education solutions, jobs, and testing. Simultaneously, SultanHaikal, also from Indonesia, targeted AVG distributors in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Uruguay, compromising 8 websites. A Pakistani hacker known as DR@CUL@ defaced AVG's official blog in Japan, collectively presenting a multi-faceted assault on AVG's infrastructure.


Has friends from Anonymous Pakistan

He was interviewed by Softpedia in 2013 and claims he was 17 years old studying in University of Indonesia during that time.

He has defaced many (thousands) website including IBM, Microsoft, SIEMENS, AVG, and many more including many personal websites.