Joanna Rutkowska

IRL Name: 
Joanna Rutkowska

Joanna Rutkowska leads a team of researchers who focus on system-level security. This includes kernel, hypervisor, chipset and CPU security issues. The recent achievements of the team include: bypassing Intel TXT, attacks on SMM, Intel AMT and BIOS, and demonstration of practical Xen hypervisor compromises. She is also known for writing Blue Pill -- the first virtualization-based rootkit with nested hypervisors support, and also for her work on various kernel mode malware for Windows and Linux. Joanna holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Warsaw University of Technology.


Mostly known for her teams release of bluepill (a rootkit leveraging hardware based virtualization technology)

Founder/CEO of Invisible Things Laboratories

Put a VM in a VM so you can virtualize while you virtualize


Joanna and Dan Kaminsky have been engaged since 100 years ago, and they plan to marry on Gay Parade day real soon.

Born as a male named Jan Krzysztof Rutkowski