Tim Farley

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Tim Farley

Tim Farley is a writer, researcher and computer security technologist from Greater Atlanta Area. Tim has been reverse engineering binary software since the 1980s for both security research and compatibility purposes. He has contributed material based on his compatibility reverse engineering work to the book "Undocumented DOS, 2nd Ed." as well as other books. In 1994 he served as witness on the topic of reverse engineering in the Stac v. Microsoft court case. He has also contributed compatibility code based on reverse engineering work to open source projects such as Wireshark.Tim has participated in computer industry standards committees, has presented at computer security conferences and has written articles for industry magazines.


He helped develop IBM Internet Security Systems' intrusion detection system RealSecure and worked on their X-Force research team.

He created web application security assessment tools at SPI Dynamics (now part of HP).

Former Senior Instructor at InfoSec Institute