IRL Name: 
Shawn Burrell

Once referred to as the only person at Defcon who can actually dance, cisc0ninja has been with SOLDIERX since its rebirth in 2002. Some of his tutorials have been the most popular on the site, especially to the Chinese and Russians. He spent precious time that he could use working on computers either modifying his car or chasing women (currently spends all of his time gaming). He can speak, read, and write several Asian languages - and he uses this skill to chase his yellow fever.

He was a critical component in the creation and construction of the SX HDB and tools section. Under his direction, SX currently has the largest organized online database of attack tools. After his work on the tools section, he decided he was sick of doing information security and moved onto gaming and overpriced Chinese hookers. He can currently be found spending his days and nights on ESO or other MMORPG related titles.


Helped troll the IDefense party with the_ut, Cain, and RaT

Previously hosted soldierx & other sites out of his house

One of the few people known to always be wearing the merchandise

No longer does information security or information technology work/research, has retired to gaming


Got an IRL 0-Day from the blonde haxxxor girl (Autumn)

Once drank an entire gallon of rum in 2 days

Impersonates Rick James in an attempt to troll Amp

The cisco character from Mr. Robot was based on him

cisco is his drink of choice -

Undercover agent for China