IRL Name: 
Peter Van Eeckhoutte

Born in 1975 and spent his childhood in a small town called Vichte, Belgium. 14 years later, he obtained his first computer and about 5 years later started working in a computer shop where he was responsible for the technical department, servers/network installations, etc… Around the same time finished his Bachelors degree in IT.

In 2000, right after the Y2K hype, he was hired by a big company to serve as Systems Administrator with his main responsibility being to take care of the servers and network, and shortly after became part of the Center of Excellence for Security and Messaging. About one year later, he became a member of the Core Active Directory Team and Security Competence Center for the entire corporation (worldwide) and was appointed “IT Security Officer”. In January 2012, he became the CISO | Corporate IST Security Officer at the company he had been working for over the last 12 years.

In September 2009, Peter founded the Corelan Security Team, gathering a group of security enthusiasts, who all share the same common interests : research, learn and share. Since that date, the team has been working with tons of vendors, reporting numerous bugs, requesting vendors to fix, and performing coordinated disclosure, with the aim to make this digital world a little bit safer.


Started corelan web presense in 2007

In April 2011, founded Corelan GCV, the legal entity behind the corelan training activities.


Currently resides in Deerlijk (Belgium)

Married to the best wife in the world !!