SX at Defcon 26 and Mojave Phone Booth

As usual, many of the crew members of will be at Defcon 26. Blake has also informed me that the chat software (for anonymous conversations) that is heavily used by folks at Defcon is feature complete. There's more information about this at I would like to point out that the Mojave Phone Booth is in no way ran by despite some of the rumors online. The only relationship is that one of our crew members, Blake, wrote the software that powers the SMS and Signal portions of it. If you want to join it, please send SUBSCRIBE <ALIAS> to 760-733-9969 via SMS or Signal. <ALIAS> should be replaced with your desired alias.

If you're going to Defcon 26 and you'd like to meet up with members of, please follow this. You can also track us down in IRC and get more information that way. We look forward to seeing new and old faces in the desert this year.