Pentesters Toolkit

I started this project a long time ago and the purpose was to port linux wireless cracking software to windows.
I was using gcc and other useful unix utilities and applications included in Cygwin for porting and was slowly moving toward having a flash drive with many types of application on it for pentesting.

The main reason for having this is convenience. It would be nice to just pop in a flash drive execute the shell and then be able to go at everything from rooting the box you're on to owning the entire network, every server, etc... from the machine you're on.

I kinda got screwed about the initial part of the project as during the time I first started working on this around 2003-2004, "Cace Technologies" came out with their custom wireless devices and applications. They were doing the same as what I was trying to initially accomplish by making things work in windows. They also produced a similar device called the "Network Toolkit".
The free version of this is using ms_dos and the version you pay for actually does use cygwin!
I too had initially wanted to sell a device similar to this but more powerful.

I have decided to make this an open group project because I have not worked on this for a while, have not had much motivation to work on this in a while, and it could be useful information for anyone who has to do work in a windows environment or is interested in porting applications/getting them to work from a *nix environment to windows, and vice versa.

So basicly, I wanted to go ahead and put this info out for others to play around with and see what other peoples thoughts were on the idea and functionality. As everyone will notice I didn't exactly "do" a whole lot other than put a bunch of stuff together, but it seems to work nice for me and I wanted to share.

Since I was trying to rush to get this out because of my busy schedule I ended up not including a faq/help/readme/or examples on usefulness and the like. So I will create a forum thread a little later talking about, explaining, and answering any questions regarding this.

For those interested you can download from this (possibly temporary) location:


Windows OS

Future Plans: 
Everything to be in one compressed file.
A setup.exe file for easy installation onto flash drive.