Clearing Tracks on Windows

The first thing I would recommend is writing some scripts when you're at home and putting them in hidden locations on the computer.
For instance deep down in weird system directories where people don't normally visit.
example: c:\windows\system32\wbem or oobe or some weird folder that not many people know what's supposed to be there and what's not.

You can write scripts to do whatever you want, but the main things you want to write are ways of covering your tracks, aka deleting any info that you were ever there, as well as possibly turning off any monitoring or logging while you're logged in.

98% of the time if they're logging or watching they will be using some sort of 3rd party software so you'll have to figure out what it is and how to disable it on your own, if there is a specific type that you need help with and I get enough people asking me to right a doc on bypassing a particular software I may. For right now we'll stick with windows logs.

There's this thing called "Event Viewer", which may, more than likely, be running.
You only want to clear this when you absolutely think it is necessary, because if a systems admin see's it's clear, they're gonna know something was going on here. And what sucks about it is that it only gives you the option of clearing everything or nothing, not just one or two lines.
There may be a registry setting somewhere I don't know about to allow just the clearing of one or two lines, but I wouldn't get my hopes up.

You can view/clear the event viewer logs by right-clicking on "my computer" and going to the "manage" option.
You will see it under Computer Management(local) and then System Tools, then Event Viewer.
Notice there are 3 different types of logs, Application, Security, and System.
(if you clear one you might as well clear them all because one could potentially help the admin find out who it was that cleared the other)

The majority of ways that windows logs you is by logging your internet traffic. Cookies, temp files, temporary internet files, browser history, your "recent" aka recently accessed files. All this stuff should be deleted. You can actually speed up your computer by deleting a lot of this regularly thus preventing a lot of malware/spyware and other b.s. from mucking up your machine by doing this. So leaves less tracks and makes the computer all nice and clean. Who wants to have root/admin on a box that's already all fucked up anyways?

By the way, I just wanted to add that I had previously mentioned doing a batch script that would assist in taking care of logs and temp files... yea it's on the site now, you can go here to download it:



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