Converting Batch Files to Executable


Windows OS
A batch file or vb script.
example files: *.bat or *.vbs

This article has been written on other websites and can probably be seen all over the net. The thing is, it's a nice long term goal of mine to try and put all kinds of interesting information in one location. As you may have guessed I hate running around looking for answers all over the net when I can just come here to remember how to do something that I've forgotten.

So.. on with the tutorial..

Go to your system32 directory in windows (usually C:\windows\system32\) and launch IEXPRESS.exe

That's it, lulz, this is pretty much the end of the tutorial.
What you expected more?

It's pretty much step by step explanatory but ok.
There are options for playing with whether or not you want the application to run in the background or possibly see it.
If you execute the exe that you create and are unable to see anything happen, check your task menu process list, it should be there.
There's an option to name the executable something different than you originally named the file; who cares right?
One of the nice things is that you can save your configuration of options for your new executable so you can play and alter the options without totally re-opening IEXPRESS and configuring everything from the start. What this part means is that when you create the executable, there is a possibility that you create a separate file along with it, which saves your iexpress.exe configuration settings for that executable.
BTW... this method also supports converting .vbs files to .exe as well.
A more thorough version of this tutorial is given props to on the reference link below. The question is, do we really need a more thorough version?

The batch scripts that I have uploaded to the site have NOT been changed to .exe. There are 2 reasons for this, #1 This site does not currently support the uploading of the .exe format, therefore I have not uploaded it in this manner. #2 I am not one for downloading things that I do not know what they do; by uploading my scripts as batch files, you can easily open them in notepad and verify that there is nothing "funny" going on inside the script to pwn your box.
You could make an attempt at disassembling the .exe if I put it in that format, but uploading it as a batch script and having you convert them to .exe after you see there is nothing bad, seems like an easier way of going about things. This site also does not currently allow the uploading of .bat files, so I have used a compression application and added my scripts this site in a compressed format.
When you use this method to create an executable out of a batch script, you no longer need the batch script. You will have an executable file and when started the .exe file will execute the batch script commands/instructions.
Whether the executable is a compressed version of the code or not, I am unfamiliar, but I do know that by double clicking the .exe file it will execute the code and not just extract it. So it may/could extract and execute, but I do not believe it works like this.
I apologize for not being more familiar with this, but I do not use it often, and everything seems to work properly for me, so this tutorial is just me sharing my experience rather than an in depth manner of how it works. Please feel free to ask questions, talk about it in the forum, etc... but unless someone wants to disassemble IEXPRESS.exe I doubt there will be much information on how it actually gets converted.
There are other applications out there for doing this, but this seems like an easy free way that works so I thought I would share.