Step-By-Step PC Repair


A Computer

This guide is for infected PC & NON-infected PC
Probably this will save your money for stupid virus issues
"this tutorial mainly contains automated tools". for manual removal i am writing another tutorial

a.disable UAC in vista/windows7 (disabling user account control will not block any removal tools process.and work will be little speedy)
-goto Start menu-->in search box type UAC-->Drag it down to lowest level-->ok.

b.disable installed anti-virus or any other security product (same reason of not interrupting malware removal process)
-this is very big list, follow [] RKILL []
(this will disable all possible virus files which are running And you can use the removal tools)
-Just double click the file you downloaded. malaware []
(very small and good cloud anti-malware .this will remove most common but difficult to infections. MAKE SURE INTERNET CONNECTION IS AVAILABLE)
-double click the file-->start-->Clean/protect-->select exit-->next quickFix plus -- ONLY FOR XP []
(enables most of the common problems like cmd.exe,regedit,taskman,cd/dvd drive error fix and much more.small and handy)
-double click file-->just put mouse on a fix to see the function in lower plane-->click on fix which is applicable. 7quickFix --ONLY FOR VISTA/WIN7 []
(same as quickfix xp but for vista & win7 machines)
-double click file-->just put mouse on a fix to see the function in lower plane-->click on fix which is applicable.

STEP -1 CLEANUP (no temp cleaner is perfect so i used good and effectinve cleaners. this will go to every possible temp & most virus remainings to remove and improve AV scan time.) Ccleaner (only file cleaning don't run reg cleaning) []
(most simplest temp file can remove unwanted startup items)
-double click file-->press 'run cleaner'-->close the program. ATF Cleaner (with all function temp + firefox + opera) -- for WIN XP ONLY []
(good at browser temp cleaning)
-double click file-->select the check boxes-->press 'empty selected' (do this same for firefox & opera) purera (check all the option) []
(removes temp & backups that is not use full. and saves lots of space)
-double click file-->next-->select 'check all' & 'create log'-->clean. (this will create 'c:\purera.log' file) TFC (After cleaning this will reboot your PC) []
(specially designed for assisting malware removal tools. removes tools remainings & remainings by viruses)
-double click file-->start (run this as administrator) CleanAfterMe []
(this tool is used for clearing tracks)
-double click file-->select all check boxes-->clean selected items (cleaned items can be seen in lower plane) diskmax []
(it is same as F.A.C.E. specially for temp cleaning and disk defragment.everything automated)
-install diskmax-->select 'complete' option. JavaRa (removes old java JRE) []
(removes older virsions and useless remainings of java runtime environment-JRE)
-double click file-->select language-->remove older virsions (close all web browsers)-->after that 'search for updates'(and install new version)-->now click on 'additional tasks'-->select the checkboxes 'remove useless JRE files','remove starup entry'-->GO revo-uninstaller []
(Use full for removing toolbars and other crap)
-double click 'revouninstaller.exe'-->select the unwanted software you want to remove-->press 'uninstall'-->check on 'moderate'-->press 'next'-->follow the application's uninstaller-->(now it will scan remaining files & registry) press 'next'-->select all (for files & registry)--> delete remainings-->finish pc-decrapifier []
(special tool for removing bloatware & trialware & toolbars)
-install-->next->next->next-->select state of your pc-->'create restore point'-->click 'next'-->select unwanted applications-->remove-->exit

STEP -2 BACKUP eruNT (registry backup) []
(when we use run any registry cleaner or registry removal by any Antivirus product .there is chances for registry corruption.for preventing that use this will save the copy of current user profile and all registry hives for easy restoretion)
-double click 'eruNT.exe'(run as administrator)-->press 'ok' on welcome message-->select check box 'system registry','current user registry'-->navigate where you want the backuped files-->press 'ok'-->create folder 'ok'-->back up complete 'ok' hostXpert (host file backup) []
(by this tool can edit host file ,removing or applying permissions of host file,backup & restore host file .when you are facing too many redirections check this file and replace it with original one by this tool)
-double click file-->click on 'make file writeable'-->click'backup/restore'-->create backup (this will create the host file back up in same folder where hostxpert is)-->click'make readonly'-->exit

STEP -3 REG CLEANUP (remove obsolute and crap registry entrys) wise cleaner []
(this is safe registry cleaner.which will fix many internet and file related problems)
-double click 'WiseRegistryCleaner.exe'-->select language-->cancel the back up option (because we have done it)-->scan(make sure it is on 'check all')-->Fix-->exit glary registry repair []
(another registry cleaner with good reputation)
-install(uncheck ask toolbar)-->start glary registry repair--> scan registry for problems-->'repair'-->close-->exit

STEP -4 MALWARE REMOVAL (only quarantine virus file if not sure)
Part -1 general infection removal spybotSD []
(this tool removes malware entrys based on registry good for bot removevals.removes registrys by malwares and unhooks them)
-install-->start spybotSD-->'search for update'-->'check for problems'-->'fix problems'-->uninstall program(optional) malwarebytes anti-malware []
(most effective and special tool for malware & fraud software removals)
-install it where you want its portable virsion-->update database-->'full scan'-->remove findings(when asked for reboot do it) emsisoft emergency kit scanner []
(this is the new generation antivirus scanner with good detections but it gives some false positive.over all works with any condition)
-double click 'emergencykit.bat'-->update database-->select 'deep scan'-->quarantine infected files-->exit

Part -2 fake security programs (antivirus,antispyware,optimization tools)
FIRST BOOT IN SAFE MODE (this tools are self explanatory follow instructions on screen) remove fake-antivirus [] SmitfraudFix [] smitRem [] roguefix [] stinger Fake-Alart []
(above are the separate tools from diffrent authers for fraudware & malware removals removes fake alerts of system,removes rogueware)

(most effective automated antiroot kit tool for 'all versions of TDSS root on both x32 & x64 OS)
-double click file-->check both options & start scan-->ONLY APPLY CURE OR DISINFECT OPTION-->close Norman TDSS cleaner []
(good automated tool for mbr and kernal hooking rootkit removals)
-double click file-->start scan-->it will automatically cure infections-->close GMER (ONLY FOR EXPERTS) []
(best for manual removal of rootkits,includes cmd shell,registry,process)
-double click file-->select'rootkit/malware'-->remove detection-->close mbr-check (ONLY FOR EXPERTS) []
(detects and removes malicious MBR CODE injected to standard MBR code)
-double click file (run as administrator)-->if non-standerd or infected MBR found-->press 'y' hit enter-->press '2'(restore standard MBR code) hit enter(DONT USE THIS ON DELL MACHINES) combofix (download letest file USE IT AS LAST RESOURSE. IT CAN CAUSE DAMAGE IN 10/100 PC) []
(very usefull for trojans and root kit removal.which even not caugth by major AV tools)
-double click file(RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR)-->this will run all scan

(re-registers and re-assings file to its proper links and functions.repairs most of the system unstability problems)
-double click file-->select 'fix ssl/https/cryptsvc' all under 'registration center'-->'go'-->after that,click 'policies'-->uncheck 'hide disabled policies'-->rescan-->if found 'remove'-->exit Advantage-PC-Fix -- ONLY FOR VISTA/WIN7 []
(same as Dial-a-fix but only for vista/win7 machines)
-double click file-->under'fixes & utilities'-->select 'system file checker','driver verifier','file signature verifier'-->press 'run'-->select all under 'vista repair options'-->press 'process checked' xpy -- ONLY FOR XP (it is like AGENT-TWEAKS) []
(a good replacement for GS agenttweaks for xp.applies very good tweaks by registry for optimization of OS)
-double click file-->select 'make changes to your system'-->select desired tweaks-->next-->close vispa --ONLY FOR VISTA/WIN7 (it is like AGENT-TWEAKS) []
(agenttweaks for vista/win7 same as xpy)
-double click file-->select 'make changes to your system'-->select desired tweaks-->next-->close Security-Restore []
(restores security setting for internet,system etc, which may be altered by malware)
-double click file-->press 'GO' (it will take some time to complete) complete internet repair (RUN ONLY IF INTERNET PROBLEMS ARE THERE) []
(repair most of the internet not working problems)
-double click file(run as administrator)-->simply just select every option and hit 'GO'

Part -1 Passive Protection
-just run the setup which is applicable for your OS
for xp []
for vista [;en-us;953252]
(stops malware spreading by usb drives) spywareblaster (apply all protections) []
(works for all browsers.inserts bad websites to black list in host file by loopback address.and protects from that type of websites infections)
-install-->goto 'updates' & update database-->goto 'protection status'-->click 'enable all protection'-->exit-->uninstall(optional - if you keep it there is no harm to PC) immunize in SpybotSD []
(works for all major browsers.inserts bad websites to black list in host file by loopback address.and protects from that type of websites infections)
install-->update database-->goto 'immunize'-->click 'immunize'-->exit-->uninstall spybotSD(optional)

d.use mozilla firefox + WOT + Noscript + adBlockPlus + Redirect Remover + advanceTOR []
(i use this setup for 3years and it i added it for extra protection.protects from censorship,hijacking,adds,rendom popups.)

Part -2 Active Protection
a.install comodo internet security (do not install it's antivirus) []
b.install avast or any other AV you like []

This are the steps which i prefere over years for solving pc problems.
hope this will help in fighting with malware.