Using Custom Firmware functions on PSPs that can't use Pandora Batteries.


PSP 2000 or 3000 at Firmware 5.03
ChickHEN R2 must be loaded (If this hasn't been done, please refer to the first tutorial in this series.)
PSP USB cable or a Pro Duo Memo
A slot for Memory Stick Pro Duo cards on PC or a PSP USB Cable
CFW Enabler (Version 3.60 can be downloaded from this tutorial)

ChickHEN is a good homebrew solution, at the same time the only thing it could do was run homebrew and lacks the features in various custom firmware releases. With this in mind, CFW Enabler was developed so that users that have ChickHEN setup could make use of the functions found in the M33 custom firmware. For those wondering, these features include (but are not limited to) plugin support, changing the CPU clock speed for XMB and games, and most notibly, the ability to load uncompressed and compressed ISOs.

Before starting this process, ensure that the PSP is plugged in and not running on battery. First, access the memory card on your PC and go to the root directory. Create ms0:/ISO for ISO loading and ms0:/SEPLUGINS for plugin capabilities. From the CFWEnabler archive included with this tutorial, copy the CFWENABLER directory (located in \PSP\GAME) and all contents within it to ms0:/PSP/GAME. Once finished with this, confirm that the PSP is running ChickHEN R2. In the XMB, go to the game option and select Memory Stick. The application CFWLoader 3.60 will appear and will be ran. Once the program is running, select the flash and start option. Select Yes when the prompt asking to continue appears. Once the firmware is installed, select yes to the prompt asking if the custom firmware should be started. Open the VSH menu by pressing select in the XMB to confirm that the Custom Firmware is running.

For those wishing to run plugins, create VSH.txt (activates plugins in XMB) and GAME.txt (activates plugins in games and most homebrew programs. Some homebrew disables plugins to conserve system resources.) In the text files, type in the location of the plugin (ex: ms0:/seplugins/plugin.prx) with a space and a 0 to have it disabled or 1 to have it enabled. For those wishing to run ISO backups, put all images in ms0:/ISO and in the VSH menu, select the M33 driver in UMD ISO Mode.

- Does this overwrite the system firmware in flash0? No. This program adds functions to it and does not overwrite any files in the official firmware.
- Can this procedure break my PSP? It shouldn't The developers of CFW Enabler have put in checks to verify that it's installed correctly so that in their own words it's "99.99% safe."
- What are these 'POPS modules' it mentions in the CFW Loader program? POPS allows for PSPs to run PSone games when the modules are flashed and setup on CFW Enabler. At this point in time I have opted not to cover this topic unless enough people are interested in having this capability.