WwWW (Working with Windows Wireless)


A wireless card (preferably atheros, and not a usb wirless adapter), Windows, winpcap (I used the source code and compiled that way but you can probably use the installer versions of the dll's), aircrack (windows version), wildpackets driver files (shitty I know but you have to register the software, install the software, and the copy the drivers and uninstall the software), and cygwin installed

Step 1:
Install Cygwin

Step 2:
Open a cygwin command shell/terminal. Change to the directory of your winpcap source code if you wish to compile from source.
This will include potentially doing the commands:
make install
Also you will be executing a lot of .bat or windows batch files.
You will notice some files are created and you will need to copy some of those files to your windows system32 directory and as well to your aircrack directory.

Install drivers just like you would any other driver, only point it to a specific location which will be the directory you installed/copied the wildpackets drivers over to.

Step 4:
Go to the aircrack directory that you copied all your files to and you should see a file called "Makefile" there.
Open cygwin, change to that directory, and then type "make" and press enter. (no quotes)

Step 5:
Launch aircrack-ng.exe or aircrack-ng GUI.exe and everything should be working.
If you are having issues with the gui part then you can always run the commands in cygwin.
Just type ./(then the name of the executable) example: ./aircrack-ng.exe

BTW... You may need to reboot your computer after you install the driver files.
Good luck!