A Brief thought about M(R)I 5.10 unpacked

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I just wanted to get the attention of my mentor and other within the council, As an Inductee I am trying hard to earn my spot on the rankings of SX. This is why I post this comment about what seems to be a growing problem within the forums. Correct me if I am wrong, BUT SX has a policy about trading software and or distributing unpacked copy write material. Rat has made it perfectly clear that this is generally against forum rules.

What has discouraged me lately as I work on my project is not that the site is growing in popularity so rapidly, but the growth is bringing a lot of drive by leeches, So what I am asking of the community is to look out and report/discourage those who just want to distribute content amongst one another so they may” brand it themselves". That sounds like a home project on your own time and not to be spoon fed things that many of us had to really study on. Its all about "freedom" of information, not information handouts. WE all know that there is plenty of P2P sites offering that, lets hold SX up on the pedestal it should be on and maintain the integrity that the council has worked so hard for all these years.

That’s my two cents all are welcome to comment.

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