Help! I need a bios config password removed or reset

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Whas Crackin, Everbody, Its R4L and this bios config password needs to be removed or reset for an HP ProtectTools Security Manager interface on Compaq nx7400. I tried to reformat the hdd and it's saying no hdd, press F3 to reboot.
I can get to Windows Explorer Desktop and this is where the HP ProtectTools Security Manager is running in the bottom right-hand corner, when I click on it, it opens up and has in the left-hand column BIOS Configuration and Credential Manager. When I click on Bios Config, it asks for a setup password. On the otherhand, when I initially boot up or restart the computer to enter bios settings, it asks for a password again. It has a F10 for Rom based setup. Please get at me ASAP, with some solutions, Thanks in advance for all that you do