My Father-in-Law

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Ok, now this is probably something that most of us married people have problems with and that's in-laws. Wait, I forgot.

/Start rant/
There we go.
My Father-in-law is a down right jackass. First off, I have to be nice to the guy because he's my wife's dad, however if he wasn't there is no way in hell I'd ever associate with someone like him. Lets run through some things. First thing is he cheated on my wife's mom which ended up in a divorce. Not only that but when my wife was growing up he was never around, always putting his business first (which by the way I'll be getting to in a minute). Let's just say he's not exactly the kind of guy you take marriage advice from, even if he tries to give it, it gets ignored. Would love to just once tell him that there's no way in hell I'd ever take his advice.

You guys ever get some nickname that you think is a knock on you? He calls me "big-shot". Most likely it's cause his ass is jealous that I make more money than him and can give his daughter more than he ever could. The way he says it is condescending and really would like to retort back, but again the whole having to be nice for my wife kicks in.

Now lets talk about his business. Well I should say his former business because it's no longer around. Not only did he give his business way more attention than his own family, he ran that son of a bitch to the ground by being a dumb ass. Just like the whole marriage advice I wouldn't take from him, finances are another thing that will fall on deaf ears. Oh and he also embezzled money from his company and is now under investigation by the IRS. It may be kinda cruel, but I kinda hope his ass goes to jail for a while. Give him a little time to think and reassess his priorities in life.

This may seem like a meaningless rant to some and some may think that I should just get over it because it's not really affecting me. Screw that, he's an ass hole that will get put in his place. He just better hope to that it's not my 6'5" self who puts him in place.

/end rant/
Now I feel a little better.