halp my site is going to be taken down

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I got an e-mail from a couple people ragging on my site. They told me to join their IRC. I thought it would be the old classic case of them not realizing it's a fake site; but instead they know it's a fake site and they're super pissed. Here's what I could get off of the IRC window, sorry I didn't get the whole thing.

22:37 seek3r joke*
22:38 seek3r mv suck joke
22:38 seek3r Lmao
22:38 chroniccommand lol
22:38 chroniccommand schiz0id do uknow what linux is?
22:38 chroniccommand lol
22:38 *** D3S quit (Client exited)
22:38 schiz0id Yes
22:39 chroniccommand tell me
22:39 chroniccommand what's better
22:39 chroniccommand windows or Linux
22:39 schiz0id It's an open source operating system
22:39 schiz0id Linux
22:39 LK FAIL
22:39 LK it's a kernel
22:39 chroniccommand LOL
22:39 chroniccommand suck cock
22:39 schiz0id Wow...
22:39 schiz0id You guys know a lot
22:39 chroniccommand LK has created a kernel b4
22:39 chroniccommand so yes
22:39 chroniccommand we do
22:39 chroniccommand more then u
22:40 chroniccommand lol
22:40 LK schiz0id, You are pretty premium fail, ain't you?
22:40 schiz0id I still don't know if I should be offended by any of this
22:40 *** kyle joined #codeshock
22:40 chroniccommand u should
22:40 LK kyle, hey
22:40 kyle alo
22:41 LK kyle, nvm the mess, we are just teasing a troll
22:41 LK or a skid
22:41 schiz0id Any other questions?
22:41 kyle oh....no problem
22:41 chroniccommand yes
22:41 schiz0id Hi kyle, I'm a skid
22:41 kyle sits back and watches
22:41 chroniccommand ever herd of C?
22:41 kyle alo
22:41 Dionz yawns
22:41 schiz0id Yeah kyle, it's damn funny
22:41 chroniccommand lolz
22:41 schiz0id Yes, I've heard of C
22:41 LK lulz
22:42 LK schiz0id, Do you know what it is?
22:42 schiz0id It's a programming language
22:42 schiz0id OH WAIT
22:42 schiz0id WRONG
22:42 LK schiz0id, more specific?
22:42 chroniccommand what's ur favorite programming language?
22:42 chroniccommand and prefered
22:42 LK lmao
22:42 LK schiz0id, FAIL
22:42 schiz0id I don't have a favorite programming language....
22:42 LK it's a low-level programing language
22:42 chroniccommand ur google fu skills r fail
22:43 LK all programing languages are compiled
22:43 chroniccommand so what do u program in
22:43 schiz0id It says on my site, you should read it
22:43 chroniccommand ZOMG EPIC FAIL
22:43 chroniccommand vb?
22:43 seek3r schiz0id check your priv messages
22:43 LK rofl
22:43 chroniccommand lemme guess?
22:43 schiz0id Sure, go ahead
22:44 chroniccommand is it vb?
22:44 chroniccommand did I win?
22:44 chroniccommand lol
22:44 schiz0id lol
22:44 LK fail basic?
22:44 schiz0id No
22:44 LK basic fail for dummies?
22:44 kyle is it html?
22:44 chroniccommand qbasic?
22:44 chroniccommand lol
22:44 schiz0id I feel like I'm being attacked my 9 year-old kids...
22:44 chroniccommand most likely
22:44 chroniccommand I'm 16
22:44 schiz0id That doesn't surprise me
22:44 LK i'm from the internet
22:45 chroniccommand I've been hacking since I was 10
22:45 schiz0id Uh huh
22:45 chroniccommand at age 11 I was suspends from computers
22:45 chroniccommand lol
22:45 LK schiz0id, So what is a scripting language?
22:45 schiz0id Yeah, that's only funny when I do it
22:45 chroniccommand he duznt know
22:45 chroniccommand ur wasting time
22:45 LK rofl
22:45 kyle haha
22:45 chroniccommand on a skidfuck
22:45 +++ LK has given voice to kyle
22:45 schiz0id Yeah, I agree. You're wasting a LOT of time
22:45 chroniccommand who uses sub7
22:46 chroniccommand but it's funny
22:46 schiz0id No, it is. Trust me
22:46 LK shall i kick him or shall we continue?
22:46 schiz0id It's a riot
22:46 chroniccommand continue
22:46 LK k
22:46 schiz0id Please, continue. I'm right here
22:46 kyle ty LK
22:46 chroniccommand lol
22:46 LK kyle, no
22:46 LK np*
22:46 chroniccommand this is lul
22:47 chroniccommand what do u program in schiz0id?
22:47 LK schiz0id, So umm what is X?
22:47 LK X server*
22:47 schiz0id It's a GUI
22:47 LK schiz0id, What is a Window Manager?
22:47 chroniccommand FAIL
22:47 chroniccommand epic
22:47 schiz0id Or something along the lines of that
22:47 chroniccommand fail
22:47 chroniccommand no
22:47 schiz0id Wow....
22:47 LK schiz0id, How does it work?
22:48 LK the x server.
22:48 schiz0id I don't know. How does it?
22:48 chroniccommand FAIL x 999999999999999999999999999
22:48 chroniccommand lol
22:48 LK RTFM!
22:48 LK rofl
22:48 LK en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X Server
22:48 LK there
22:48 chroniccommand lol
22:49 chroniccommand his google Fu skills r even fail
22:49 LK schiz0id, What is machine code?
22:49 LK schiz0id, What is a buffer overflow?
22:49 chroniccommand lol
22:49 seek3r schiz0id Do you know how to check your priv messages?
22:49 schiz0id It is HTML that has been compiled to be read by the machine
22:49 chroniccommand LOL
22:49 chroniccommand lol
22:49 LK fucking fail
22:49 chroniccommand LOL
22:50 chroniccommand FAIL
22:50 LK LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22:50 LK ROFL!!!!!
22:50 chroniccommand SO MUCH FAIL
22:50 schiz0id lol. Go ahead, ask more
22:50 chroniccommand I CANT STOP ROFLING
22:50 LK schiz0id, What is bytecode?
22:50 schiz0id Yeah..me either
22:50 schiz0id I'm not sure. What is it?
22:50 chroniccommand hahahaahahaa
22:50 chroniccommand schiz0id... take ur site down
22:50 LK http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bytecode
22:50 LK there
22:51 LK RTFM V2
22:51 chroniccommand lol
22:51 chroniccommand shat on
22:51 LK <3 wikipedia
22:51 chroniccommand lol
22:51 LK schiz0id, Why is there a 0 or your nick? Would an O not do?
22:51 chroniccommand lol
22:51 LK lulz
22:51 schiz0id No, 0's are more elite. That's why I use them. It also says why on my site. You should read it
22:52 LK schiz0id, LOL
22:52 chroniccommand u say on ur "site" not 2 speak l33t speak
22:52 LK chroniccommand, your turn
22:52 chroniccommand ok
22:52 chroniccommand what is eif?
22:52 schiz0id end of file...
22:52 chroniccommand LOL
22:53 chroniccommand thts EOF failure
22:53 chroniccommand what's shellcode?
22:53 schiz0id bash
22:53 chroniccommand LOL
22:53 LK fail
22:53 chroniccommand LOLV2
22:53 chroniccommand do u know what bash stands for?
22:53 LK schiz0id, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shellcode
22:54 LK WHat is bash?
22:54 LK What*
22:54 LK hmm
22:54 schiz0id It's a shell
22:54 LK and ??
22:55 chroniccommand LOL what duz it stand for?
22:55 schiz0id Bourne again
22:55 LK fail
22:55 chroniccommand again...
22:55 chroniccommand what?
22:55 chroniccommand again what
22:55 chroniccommand lol
22:55 chroniccommand ZOMG UR SO LEET.. 1 question correct
22:55 LK me thinks #codeshock has everyones attention
22:55 chroniccommand lol
22:55 chroniccommand yes
22:55 chroniccommand tis quite funny
22:55 LK looks around
22:56 schiz0id ...
22:56 chroniccommand sits back, kicks out a coke and laughs
22:56 schiz0id Yeah...hahaha
22:56 schiz0id does that too
22:57 LK lulz
22:57 chroniccommand lol
22:57 chroniccommand posers make me laugh
22:57 schiz0id Yeah... people usually stop when I send them the link
22:57 chroniccommand LOL
22:57 chroniccommand dude
22:57 schiz0id You people though...you're something else
22:58 LK schiz0id, We are quite dumb
22:58 chroniccommand cuz we have skill
22:58 LK lolz
22:58 chroniccommand unlike u
22:58 chroniccommand lol
22:58 chroniccommand compared 2 u were like Kevin mitnick
22:58 chroniccommand llol
22:58 schiz0id Yeah...but I never claimed to be a hacker. Does anyone else understand this?
22:59 chroniccommand so take the site down
22:59 schiz0id No. It's funny
22:59 chroniccommand calling urself elite is causing truble
22:59 schiz0id And that's why it's there
22:59 chroniccommand obiously
22:59 schiz0id I know...I'm shaking in my e-boots
22:59 chroniccommand u take it down, or we do
22:59 chroniccommand ur choice
23:00 LK schiz0id, Ain't you concerned someone will get pissed at some day?
23:00 schiz0id It's already happened
23:00 chroniccommand take it down
23:00 chroniccommand I'll ask one more time
23:00 chroniccommand politely
23:00 chroniccommand or we do
23:01 schiz0id Wow....
23:01 LK anyway, i'm leet ain't I schiz0id?
23:01 chroniccommand lol
23:01 chroniccommand uh oh I think he's pinging us
23:01 chroniccommand were Gettin haxored
23:01 chroniccommand halp
23:02 LK what's next?
23:03 chroniccommand hmm
23:03 LK actually
23:03 LK brb
23:03 chroniccommand shall we take the site down?
23:03 chroniccommand or not yet
23:03 schiz0id I might get kicked....wait for it
23:03 chroniccommand k
23:03 seek3r Ok guys yes we will take it down
23:03 chroniccommand Lolz
23:03 seek3r And yes im kicking you
23:03 --- seek3r has banned *!*@reid-E7153870.bak.res.rr.com
23:03 *** schiz0id was kicked by seek3r (seek3r)
23:03 !!! You have been kicked from #codeshock