intoXicator's Hybrid Multiboot Kit 2010

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Muhammad Saqib Siddiq from Pakistan Presents ,


intoXicator's Hybrid Multiboot Kit 2010 (DVD\USB\HDD)


[b]Brief Intro :[/b]
The basic purpose of this kit is to give you guys a AIO solution to repair\rescue\backup and restore the systems . i dont care if you use it for personal needs
or for professional means . I tried to did my best to give you something which is not around
normally (You decide) .. so i put together multiple tools which covers both linux and windows
family (sorry to Mac Users).


**has 3 Linux Live cd's ,
**has 6 kind of PE's made exclusively for This Hybrid Kit.and covers both 32bit and 64bit of XP,2K2,2K3,VISTA,7,2K8,also includes EVERY ERD Commander ever released by Microsoft..
**has 2 Universal Operating systems ,
**1st is based on Tinyxp Rev10,i just added some tools and fixed quickLaunch Bar.
it will have custom made driver packs included in Gho image as well as RAID case it gives BSOD 0X7B at first
run , just boot from intoXicator hybrid kit, and use the option there to inject RAID driver into your offline system.
it has patch for dual core systems also . i personally recommend to backup drivers by booting from any PE with smart driver backup.
**second image is based on Tiny 2k3 server datacenter edition ,updated till 20 Feb2010 . i added some tools although,
, Only basic ones.

names are XP.GHO and 2k3.GHO and can seen at root of iso image...


Following is the detail what we have got in that release.

[b]1. ******intoXicator's Live Rescue****** :[/b]

it includes all the Live pe's that i made exclusively for this release.
a. XP3 P3:
> XP SP3 Based pe with mass storage , Complete Network ,Complete Multimedia support with direct feb2010.also has the unique feature to install WLAN , LAN drivers automatically at boot time which are saved in Drivers folder at root of booting device in a wim file .it saved many useful space in final wim image which holde the pe . this pe has about 300 Tools which will be loaded externally at boot time (ppApps folder) . a read me file is included at desktop,dont forget to read it , it will be useful for you .
There are some very very exclusive and rare tools that you will found in this pe.
like for example it provides the alternative to both NT5 and NT6 based OS'S (64+32BIT) WINNT setup by JFX ,and special Command line installer for NT6 based systems by a chinese friend of mine .
p.s you can install other multimedia drivers with driver import pe.(either restore from backup or import from host OS or install from BTS Driver Packs)....
(dont forget to check its video presentation named (XP3P3.EXE in VIDEO_TUTORIALS)



b.intoXicator's Legacy XP P3:
it is for booting Legacy systems from usb or dvdrom...I had to make it for some of my personal friends who have slow systems ,it will even support 128MB
ram . has some basic tools in it ,but believe me they ll be enough to rescue your system.
it has Mass storage driver pack, also will install your LAN or WLAN driver automatically at
boot time .


b. Special NT6 CMDP3 (5 in 1) :
it is a NT6 based P3 with MRI Boot cd , Active Boot CD and ERD Commander 6.0 . MRI has bunch of virus scanners as well has a very excellent MRI gui to rescue a broken system . it also has diagnosing apps . virus deffs are updated till 17 feb 2010 .i had to remove mcafee from it to save space.sory... then comes Active boot cd, it is also very cool AIO cd . has partitioning , data rescue and backup , restore tools . ERD Commander 6.0 is well known disc by Microsoft ,has many useful tools to rescue a Vista based pc . only for 32bit. following is the contents .

1. MRI BOOT CD 5.1.1 ( updated till 17feb 2010)
2. Microsoft ERD Commander 6.0 (32bit)
3. Active Boot cd 5
4. Shadow Protect Pe 3.5
5. SpotMau Rescue CD 2010


c. WIN7 P3 with Erd Commander 6.5 :
it is very minimal P3 based on Win7 RTM . i have also included ERD Commander 6.5 under admin tools . it works for 32bit systems only .i mean the erd commander 6.5 . has some very cool tools in it too to let you kick into your system easily.....

d. WIN7 64bit RC with ERD Commander 6.5 :
it was a simple RC untill i added MS ERD Commander 6.5 64bit in it . thanks to my friend cassus who tested it for me , i dont have 64bit based processer .

e. NT6 64bit RC with ERD Commander 6.5 :
it is simply a Vista 64bit RC ,i just added ERD Commander 6.0 64bit in it .

f. XP3 Recovery console with Raid Drivers :
i made a simple XP3 based RC and added BTS Raid pack in it packed in VMDK image so that it can be loaded natively from HDD\USB\DVD.

g. XP3 Recovery Console with Raid Drivers :
in case the above does not work , it is just a backup with firadisk option .

h. 64bit Recovery console for server2003,xp :
just a simple 64bit RC for server2003 64bit or xp64bit.

[b]2. ******Special Tools****** :[/b]

in this boot menu , there is Hiren boot cd 10.2 ripped , mine Retestrak rescue disc 0.4 (includes Ghost 11.5.1 too) . i guess no more explanation is needed .

[b]3. ******Linux Rescue****** : [/b]

it includes CDLinux 0.9.5 Special edition which has bunch of tools like partitioning tool,skype,pidgin messenger ,wine and many more. Parted magic 4.6 with additional modules like fport antivirus,PC Login Now .... (Thanks to ICECUBE)///
and Slitaz 2.0 Linux which is only 34 mb BUT fully loaded...

[b]4.*******Backup and Restore*******: [/b]

includes tools like acronis backup and restore 10 with universal restore , acronis true image home 13 , acronis echo server 9.7.8398 with Universal restore , image for dos latest , R driver image latest .

[b]5.*******HDD Operations******** :[/b]

1. PC3000
2. acronis disc director 10 build 2239
3. HDD Regnerator 1.71
and many others

[b]6. *******System Diagnose******** : [/b]

1. PC Check
3.RAM Stress Tester
4. Complete system info (HDT)

[b]7. ********Windows ADMin password********* : [/b]

it has KonBoot , which can bypass NT5 and NT6 based password protected accounts . NO WINDOWS 7 OR 64bit OS is allowed . it also can bypass some new linux distros . with login root ,password root .
then we have NT Offline registry and password editor . as well as Samurai from MRI Boot cd.

[b]8. ********intoXiactor's Special Universal Bootfix********** : [/b]
in this menu there are number of grub4dos based tools which can be used to start a broken OS either it is 32bit or 64bit and support xp,2k2,2k3,2k8 , vista ,7.

[b]intoXicator's Universal xp :[/b]

1. it is based on tiny xp rev 10 by eXPerience .
2. updated hotfixes till feb 2010 .
3. IE8
4. notepad2 as default for txt files
5. prio addon for task manager .
6. Ultra iso ,win rar , 7zip ,internet download manager (latest versions)./
7. will install drivers (custom packs) , directx updated till 11th month , runtimes for 2005 .2008 and dualcore patch ON THE FLY.
8. SoftMaker 2010 office suite portable (Thanks to NTOSKRNL from ) .
9. The world Browser

[b]intoXicator's Universal 2K3 Datacenter server SP2 :[/b]

1. based on Tiny 2k3 Datacenter Server 2007 by eXPerience.
2. updated till feb 2010.
3. same detail of included apps and drivers etc as of above.

although it is highly advised to backup your drivers first from pe.


[b]Special Features of this intoXicator's Kit : [/b]

1. it is Hybrid version . which means it can be used natively via hdd,usb.dvd. i have released a dvd iso version only . but have included tools and instructions to use it via usb or via hdd.

2. it has special grub4dos based menu to repair and start broken NT6 or NT5 based systems.

3. if you have old system which supports usb 1.1 speed ,but it can boot usb then we have a special emulator called PLOP , which can force USB 2.0 speed on a USB 1.1 system . although some tools will not work like my retestrak dos kit . because this driver makes usb read only at dos level only for temporarily . as soon as any other kernel takes over ,the Plop drivers leaves.

4. it has option to inject SATA driver into offline xp or 2k3 system right from gru4bdos..

[b]Using intoXicator's Hybrid kit on USB\HDD : [/b]

as far as HDD is concerned , there are two methods. one is booting grub4dos from boot.ini,2nd is installing grub4dos to the MBR .
i am linking you people with a great guide on grub4dos written by diddy .

i hope it will get you along . Plz remember , use that GRLDR which is included in this release . you can find it at root of the iso .

[b]Making Flash DRIVE Bootable :: [/b]

There are many ways to make usb bootable . but i am going to discuss only 3 methods here / . The installer includes videos too .dont forget to see them before starting.. ( i have included the installer at root of iso in /Prepare USB as well as outside of iso as release package)

Requirements :

1. a NT5 based OS
2. a 4 GB usb drive
3. common sense

Fbinst (Highly Recommended) :

it is the UNIVERSAL approach for making usb's bootable. made by Bean from China .who iS also co developer of Grub4dos . it is command line tool so i made an easy script so that people who dont understand it ,can use it ...

BOOTICE by Pauly :
again made by a chinese friend of mine Pauly . it is very very cool tool and has shit load of option there . but we will be focusing on USB boot only..

Ghost USB Restore:

i have made a Little Ghost image .Hybrid.gho is simple method and should work for most of you.

it is added so that if some of you dont have Windows xp or 2k3 bases systems to use fbinst .


[b]Special Note : [/b]
although i have treid my level best to include every sinle thing about this , but i may have missed something . there can be some issues with this dvd i know . because it is very big one. and it took a lot of my time . so dont worry and panic ,just let me know what is your issue and will try my level best to resolve it ,i am making a special email address OTHER then those guys who know me from Retestrak forums or know me personally . so that they can also contact me anytime about any issue regarding this release or anything else.

[b] **** [email protected] ****[/b]

(plz dont send any spam emails ,thanks..)


the only possible issue that i can think of will be regarding shortcut issues in xp3 P3 . the error generated from ppAppsgenPE.exe , the tool by RON which makes shortucuts from ppApps folder at root of usb \dvd . but this error will be only appear if you will boot from usb ,
to take care of it , you can do the following which might can cover it.

1. when you make your usb bootable,then mount iso and start copying ppApps folder FIRST to USB , when it finishes ,then copy rest of the dvd.

2. when error appears , make a folder named " ppApps " at root of your C:\ drive . just copy 1 or 2 app folders FROM original ppApps folder from dvd , then double click on pp2 exe at desktop and see ..

3. when XP P3 starts ,2 main operations are done at startup .1st is automatic installation of Network drivers(from drivers.wim at root) and 2nd is ppAppsgen Pe accesses usb\dvd to install shortcuts.
so sometimes your pc may held for few seconds , so you can double click on ppAppsgen Pe icon in tray to pause the script and when drivers gets installed ,you can resume it so that i can continue .

*** Also there is a driectory named by SPECIALS at root of the iso .which has an updated dr.web 5 portable till 22feb 2010. and a folder with NT6 and NT5 bases OS patches (which make windows genuine ) .
read included readme file before using dr.web in any pe .

[b]special Thanks and Regards :

blackbalfur (Netherlands)
wimb (Netherlands)
ntoskrnl (Finland)
cassus ( Germany)
Tr3bgOd ( U.S.A)
eXPerience (U.K)
Glamster (U.K)
RON (Australia)
Amalux (U.S.A)
Lancelot (Turkey)
JFX (Germany )
bean (China)
linajiang (China)
chenall (China)
fujianabc (China)
zhhsh (China)
khauyeung (China )
Pauly (China)
Elmar (Austria) [/b]

MD5 of intoXicator's.Hybrid.Kit.2010.ISO


size of image , 4,020,076,544 bytes

( There can be 2 or 3 seeders at the same time or there may be some interval in seeding ,so dont worry)..


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Muhammad Saqib Siddiq (a.k.a Maanu ) from Pakistan ([email protected])