Uharc question for C#

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hey guys as some of you know iv been working a c# program similar to the OFACE and i came a cross a question i cant seem to answer, currently i used 7-ZIP SFX archives to store files then the program extracts them to a temp directory on the pc and runs them then it cleans up, but on a recent computer i ran into a issue with it. when i tried to run it, instead of my program giving a error it was 7-zip (don't ask for what error cause i just don't remember i just remember thinking "hmm that's odd") but when i tried my old batch version of the software it worked flawlessly, first of all why would that be? and also i thought about using the nice UHARC compression software instead but wouln't i have to integrate it into my application some how? and if so how would i go about doing that? well any thoughts would be nice thanks!