[Q]How to change the removable bit on a flash drive? (Sandisk Cruzer, Bootit doesn't work)

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This is a pretty simple and straightforward question.
To restate the situation: I'm trying to force the BIOS (of all computers) to see/treat a flash drive as a HDD, for the purpose of creating a bootable flash drive. I forced my bios to treat my flash drive as a HDD and copied all the MRI files to it and had a fully working and bootable copy of MRI on a flash drive.
Problem is that on an older machine or some prefabs (mostly the issue I think) that trick doesn't work or I simply don't get an option to boot from the flash drive. So, I want to change the removable bit on the flash drive to essentially replicate what I did with my BIOS change, but have it be permanent.
In my last several hours of searching the only thing that seems to do this is Lexar's Bootit, which doesn't work for my Sandisk Cruzer. Sandisk supposedly had one (no name mentioned of course) but it was discontinued (they want you to buy their more expensive drives which are already set as fixed discs). Is there a tool out there that will flip the bit or should I just wait till the next sale on Lexars?


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