User Privileges Escalation

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I'd like to get some different ways of escalating privileges within windows. The easier, the better. I've got some thoughts and ideas already, but I'd like to hear back from some of you "seedier" folks.

Local and remote exploits welcome.

Based on the above, I believe you could also pull the hard drive over to another machine, rename the login.scr, copy cmd.exe to login.scr, return the drive to the original system, boot the system, and wait for the login screen saver to execute, thus giving you system privileges in a command prompt. I'd actually wonder if you could do the same with winlogon.exe to start a full system account login... gonna have to test that one.

Metasploit also is freakin awesome for remote attacks, although it's kinda difficult to get my head around how to know which exploits to use and when.

Thanks all.