Restart Issues

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OK I have a problem in which my computer does not restart properly. It will turn off just fine but it refuses to restart.

Here is what happens:

When I try and restart it, it goes through the motions and once it's ready to restart, the computer (tower) beeps and just hangs there. The same thing happens when I go into the BIOS and then go to save and exit, it beeps and hangs there with a half lit up screen and refuses to restart.

I even installed the new Ubuntu on my computer (the 10.10 version) in a duel boot fashion along with Windows 7 as my primary and when I try and restart my Ubuntu, the same thing happens. By the way, I have been having this restart issue for about 2 months now and I only recently tried to duel boot Ubuntu so that's not the issue.

I believe I have a hardware problem but does anyone know what exactly could be causing me to have this weird reboot issue? I'm not a noob to all of this but I also am not an absolute pro either but if I can fix this myself, that would save me loads of money. Thanks in advance!