Virus Removal

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Ok so, i lost my job as a warehouse unloader and eneded up getting kicked out of my house and livin with the grandparents. Well, i got a new job as my neighbors computer tech, mainly with virus removals and system repair. All that im doing here is pretty much on the job learning. I want to become sort of a master on this topic, to be able to remove such things quick and thouroughly. Any advice? Tips? This job is keeping my apartment and my fiance and other habits well paid.

I have in my stockpile:

Acronis (data transfer ect..)
Auslogics SpeedBoost EDIT* (no longer use.. i use toolbox now as reffered to by a friend)

How can i become like, an expert or at least a well learned student in the art of removals, repairs, and recovery?

ive learned a lot so far and fix computers on the side for extra cash, but i need to know what more i can do to progress my job. what kinda problems i might face with this and how to fix them.

any help, advice, suggestions, questions would be most helpful