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I'm in the process of setting up svn so that this can be more of a "community project".
By community, I mean that any member of the community may contribute.
There will be 2 different releases of OFACE, the first will be the "community version" which will include the use of free/open source applications such as 7zip, ccleaner, avg, possibly cygwin, etc...
The second will be a private version which will be available for download from the vip section. The private version "may" include the use of reverse engineered software for "testing" and possibly other av engines. The svn will be setup in the next 48 hours and I will post here stating when it is completed.
The svn is for members only to access so the exact info will be posted in the members only section. If you would like to become a member contact rat (at) soldierx (dot) com or if you think you have something to contribute please email me as my email is listed below under the 2nd way to contribute.

Ways you can contribute....(that make this a "community project")...
1) Provide artwork that may be used in the application.
Rocket, I would be interested in seeing some possible artwork for the project if you have time.

2) Provide portable or customizable software that may be used in the application.
Ex. If you have an open source piece of software that you had to custom tweak to make portable. Post a quick response about it or email me at cisc0ninja (at) soldierx (dot) com and I will get back with you on whether we can use it or not.

3) Assist in code regarding the bootmanager/mbr as this is still be looked at but has not yet been completed. ShuumatsuWarrior, I would be interested in seeing what you have already done to see if we can prevent a little of re-inventing the wheel.
From what I'm seeing making this for windows7 32/64 bit is pretty easy, BUT to make it win7 & winxp compatible is going to take more work on the bootloader/mbr shit than I would really like to put in to it.

4) Customizable shell
Ex. Back in the mid 90's having a different shell running other than explorer.exe was all the rage. Also using window managers like blackbox or bb4win. Personally I'ld like to bring that back a bit for a little more customizable PE OS type of scenario. If anyone is willing to create a custom shell/window manager that would be of great help. If not we/I may just end up using a pre-existing one and trying to customize it a bit. Since most of them were written for xp though and haven't been updated for years you can see where this may be a challenge.

It is my goal to have the first public release of OFACE out by the first of November 2010.
Anyone who contributes to this project will receive credit in the application. There may be other incentives but that has not yet been determined at this time. We want dedicated competent people assisting us w/projects but we don't just want you to do it because we're waving a candy bar in front of you. This is about members of the community giving back to the community!


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