Alllllrighty never seen THIS problem before.

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Sooo I am a new head tech for a hospital and apparently they had been hiring people to come out and fix thier computers before hand. Sooo I am placed with TWO computers in front of me that are just jacked the fuck up. One has been FRESHLY reformated by the last IT guy and its running on XP they said there was some huge issues with it. I thought to my self alright, odd's are they just did not update the security patchs right away that tends to make things pretty messed up.

So first thing is first, this is a totally clean system no new hardware I figure fuck this ill just combo fix it. Find out internet is not working, figuring alright probably malware or virus fucking with this. So I run a slightly outdated Avir and that fixs the problem. But I am running across like 500 or so Tronjans as it scans and I am thinking holy crap. Next I DO run combo fix, it states there is a root kit and I am thinking alright sooo wtf? I have never seen a system so infested with crap after being freshly formated.

The other computer is responding well to my anti virus tactics I used three scanners to scan it and it seems fine now. The other one with teh root kit is just resisting all hell, I do not want to reformat... Anyone have any suggestions for virus scanners? Aside from MRI as I don't have VIP member status so thats not gonna be up to date. Though This site has helped me a lot I do think later on I will donate just because of the fact I always learn something interesting here. Anyway thanks for the help in advance

-Cheers Tongue