Just... throwing it out there.

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Hi, I found this website whist surfing, and was wondering if I could plant an idea in someone's mind.

Player Online ID: JQCG5504 (Case sensitive)

Anyone who has heard of FFXI before will realize what the above is, unfortunately I lack the corresponding password to the above account.

For certain reasons, the owner of this account needs to be taught a lesson - they are an avid gamer, and the only real way to hurt them would be to, erm... "borrow" their account.

I don't care what happens to their precious character/money/crap/credit card details/ blah blah blah.

If anyone can use this information, please do Smile

*Just... throwing it out there*

Sorry if I seem noobish or whatever, not really accustomed to approaching people with this subject lol.

.A friend of a friend.