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What are your favorite torrent trackers?

Here is a decent sized list (note: I did not write this, it was sent to me):
Music (Mixtapes) (metal) (metal) (j-music) (Punk, Oi!, Ska, Psychobilly, Rockabilly, etc.) (Punk) (Music production) (Pearl Jam) (The Smiths/Morrissey) (Guns 'n' Roses) (Anime OSTs) (Shoegaze, Dreampop) (Trance) (J-pop) (Primarily Danish music) (pretty self-explanatory) (U2) (electronic)

Games (pre 2000 games) (wii/gamecube)

Mac Software

High Def

DVDs (only swesub dvds, but good stuff)

Movies (cult/b-movies) (Arabic) (Disney/Kids) (horror)

TV (Call For Help) (Australia & NZ) (Drama) (South Park) AKA

Scene (Swedish but good 4 XBox and PC Games) (Scene) (Scene) (Polish)

Porn (Gay) (Gay) (Magyar / Hungarian) (Italian) (smaller German site)


Sports (Basketball) (Football/Soccer) (Wrestling) (NFL, NCAA, CFL) (MMA) (extreme sports) (Wrestling) MMA (extreme sports movies) MMA/TV mostly

Other (audio applications) (audio applications) (2d/3d graphics software) (graphics/design) (graphics/design) (Documentaries) (Radio?) (iPod Video) (iPod Video) (No tracker anymore?) (Russian) (business, finance, marketing, advertising) (seduction, psychology, self-help etc) (music videos) (mobile apps) (argentinian)

Anime (Japanese)

General/Unsorted (Greek) (Indian) (Indian) (Indian) (Arabic) (German) (Greek) (French) (German) (Dutch) (Russian) (Bulgarian) (Swedish) (Hebrew)

Please don't ask me for invites to any of these trackers. Offered invites are always posted in VIP.