Flash carts for loading ROMs into NES, SNES, N64, SMS, Sega Genesis, etc

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I've been taking breaks playing old games lately, and what better way than to play it on its original hardware? I was curious as to how many other people out there do this and had any reviews/opinions on what the best devices are.

I currently have a SNES PowerPack and an Everdrive MD. Both of these products work great, although it sucks that the SNES PowerPack only does DSP1 chips. A particularly cool thing about the Everdrive MD is that it does Master System and Sega Genesis on the Sega Genesis console. It also does 32X, but you have to have the 32X add-on for the Sega Genesis.

Here are some of the products that I'm interested in hearing about:
NES PowerPack
Super Everdrive
Super Flash Cart 64M for NTSC/PAL SNES
NEO N64 Myth flash cart

To anybody that will tell me to use an emulator - thanks but no thanks. Most of the emulators aren't true emulators, so they put a focus on speed rather than correctly emulating hardware. Most people won't notice the little things, but if you're as obsessive compulsive as I am you pick up on everything and it just ruins the experience. I know that there is a new N64 Flash Cart coming out from the guy who runs http://www.retroactive.be, so that's the one that I plan on buying. I'm still curious if anybody else out there is into this stuff and what their experiences have been so far.

Also, if anybody is interested - I can post information about how to get "high def" output from old game systems Smile