USB Virtual rom drive.

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Iv'e just bought one of these. Zalman ZM-VE200 Portable Virtual ROM Drive .
if your into mobile repairs and installs then this is a good piece of hardware to have in your tool kit

The VE200 2.5" SATA HDD Enclosure is a replacement for your portable CD/DVD player and discs. Install your choice of 2.5" SATA Hard Drive (Not Included), load all of your ISO files onto the hard drive, choose the ISO file you wish to use via the built-in file select switch and LCD display and you can install your choice of OS directly from the hard drive to your system. The enclosure connects via USB or eSATA and is automatically detected as both a Mass Storage Device and an External Optical Drive.

here is a list of iso's used so far.
Acronis ult
Avast bart 3
Hiren 10.8
Hiren 13,1
XP home
XP pro
XP 9in1
Vista X86
Vista X64
Win7 X86
Win7 X64
Win 7 AIO +SP1
Windows key ent

Now saves me lugging a folder full of CD's about, also stops me leaving disc's in peeps pc or lappy.

the amount iso's recognized by the unit is limited to 30, but that should be more that enough for most repair techs.

If you partition the hard drive you can use that to backup user data.